JAMIE BAIN hopes for more Batman and double toppin’ after producing an outstanding display to keep his place in the PDC big time.

The Aberdeen ace, nicknamed after Dark Knight movie super villain ‘Bane’, won through a cut throat Q School in Wigan to grab his tour card again.

But Bain, 29, admits he’s had his own dark nights after losing form and worrying about keeping his place at the top table of the sport.

He revealed: “It’s not easy losing your card and getting it back. The field is immense. The number of entrants was high this year, but the numbers weren’t the problem is was the sheer quality of the whole field.

“The hard work begins now though. I never had a great year in 2018 but getting back on the horse as they say was vital.

“I worked hard practising again at the end of last year and it’s paying off.

“I quit my job, I took that gamble two years ago in May, by trade I’m a carpet fitter but I was working at a plumb centre at the time.

“It was tough when I wasn’t getting the results, a bit of panic to be honest. As soon as my name went green at the Q School to confirm the card I was over the moon, jumping for joy.

“I celebrated with an early night because I had to get the train back to Aberdeen. I’ve got my darts at my local team Rowantree B so me and the wife will go and celebrate then. I’ll be walking in there like Conor McGregor!”

Bain will now aim to find some better form and his biggest target is to follow Gary Anderson’s route to the very top – but no flamboyant Batman style walk-on just yet!

He added: “The goal now is to get some consistency behind my game. I’ve been in the PDC for five years now and I’ve played games that I haven’t played well but got through.

“Sometimes you just want to play well even if you get beat to get that form and consistency back. Then the wins start rolling in a bit.

“I don’t go too bit on my nickname. There’s a wee bit on my shirt, just a Batman symbol above my name. I’m not going to walk out in the scary mask just yet like the real Bane in the movie!

“The ultimate target is to follow in Gary Anderson’s footsteps. The more Scots there are in the PDC the better, and there’s a few of us now.”

By Phil Lanning